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                      What is the reason you should have 'Core Cut' ?                

1. First and foremost to see what is under the roof. ( A roof can have other roofs below ).

2. It is important to see what type of roof deck is under the roof. - The most common roof deck is steel. If it is

     not a steel deck then it is either wood, gypsum, " Tectum " or concrete . If you have a roofing contractor come

     and take measurements and does not take a 'Core Cut'  he is doing himself a huge injustice.

      A) He will have no idea if there are other roofs below.

    B) If there is one other or even two other roofs below, the contractor will

    not know on how many dumpsters will be required for the removal and disposal, of the top roof and whatever

    might be underneath.

     C) If there arethree roofs that have to be cut off , labor cost for the tear off will be three

    times more than if there was only one roof  and the contractor will have to pay for 3 times more in dumpster


3. If there is no "Core Cut" taken the contractor will not know if the is wet insulation below.(unless your willing to

    pay for a "moisture scan").

4. If there is no "Core Cut" the contractor can only hope for the best scenario, which would be, the roof that is

    exposed is the only one and the deck below is steel (usually 22 gauge prime painted "B" decking)

5. Finally if there is no "Core Cut" , and the existing roof is removed and properly disposed of the contractor will

    have no idea on how to secure the new insulation . If the 'deck' is steel the new insulation (which is not wet),

    can stay. You will only have to pay for new insulation provided by the contractor that is wet ! 

6. If you have a concrete deck the contractor should install all the of the new insulation by adhering it to the

   concrete with a foam adhesive.

7. If a 'Core Cut' or multiple 'Core Cuts' were taken , you and the contractor will learn exactly how many roofs

    have to removed , if you still have a lot of dry insulation that can stay and how much wet insulation will be

    disposed of and how many pieces of new insulation will be needed, & how to secure the new insulation,

    preferably , two layers of "Polyisocyanurate" with an R-value = 20, can be secured with a three inch round

   ' Galvalume ' plates with a minimum of a 4.5 inch screw in the middle of each plate, that will fasten

   the two layers of insulation and will bite a minimum of 1/2 inches into the 'steel deck'.



Watch the video below, which shows why you should  take "Core Cuts" or  a "Core Sample of your roof

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