Commercial Industrial Roofing/Pittsburgh

  Watch the video abovet. It shows how to install a "Versico 

    Roofing System " Fully Adhered EPDM  Roof System.

Flat roofing in Pittsburgh.



  Commercial Industrial Roofing

  We only work on flat commercial roofs &

  industrial roofs in North east Ohio & Western

  Pennsylvania We provide 20 & 30 year roof

  warrantiesWe were founded in Pittsburgh,

  In 2007 we opened an office in Youngstown,

  Ohio to better serve are clients in

  Youngstown, Akron & Cleveland. We have

  an A+ rating with the "Better Business

  Bureau. "

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Because of this seemingly simple goal we have a solid foundation here at Commercial Industrial Roofing. As with any quality roofing system, it’s all in the details. It starts with having the right employees & making sure we provide a rewarding place for our employees to call home. We provide the proper training in safety and roofing installation, and fully expect only the highest of standards in return. Thus, the investment we have made in our employees guarantees a safe working place and quality workmanship Ultimately, it means you receive the highest quality service & workmanship.


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     (888) 886-7171

Commercial roofing in Pittsburgh

​​​ In Pittsburgh,Youngstown & Cleveland, Ohio, we do commercial and

 industrial roofing .

To insure  that you get the most value out of your investment . We will sit down with you to discuss  which roofing options would best suit the needs  of your building. We work diligently with  our customers, inNorth East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania using the best  roofing  materials available, & our trained  professionals will get the job done right, minimizing the disruption to your business.

We have been roofing in Youngstown for 30+ years. We do commercial roofs.

We know theimportance of  choosing the 'right roofing system' for your  business. 

We want you to understand the  process & be comfortable with the decision you  make regarding your roof. 

Doing it right the first time using the best materials.

"We the best roofers in Youngstown. Our foreman & project managers our excellent at their craft. Don't ask us. Ask our Youngstown clients."



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 Commercial Industrial Roofing. We Repair Commercial Roofs​ in Youngstown, Ohio.


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Industrial roofing in Pittsburgh

   Commercial Industrial Roofing 


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